Friday, 25 March 2011

Football - the ball starts to roll .....

This is great news for Indian football.

Yesterday (23rd March,2011), India beat Pakistan 3-1 in their second match of the Group B 2012 AFC Challenge Cup qualifiers at Kuala Lumpur and secured a place in the final round. Turkmenistan is the other team to qualify from Group B. The venue of the final round is yet to be decided.

In the match, India was trailing 0-1 at the half-time and slammed in 3 goals well into the second half to secure the win.

India had earlier beaten Chinese Taipei 3-0, a couple of days back.

Please recall that India had won the 2008 edition of the tournament which had given them the chance to play in the AFC Asian Cup in January held in Qatar.

With the continuous improvement shown by the Football team, I hope they get more exposure thru more tournaments throughout the year. Competing against (somewhat) better placed teams will give management insights into their strengths and work on improvement areas to bridge the gap. This will help them climb the ladder steadily and surely. Also, it will be a good idea to take the team to training grounds of some of the leading teams or maybe even club sides from the EPL to see and get inspired.

The players perspiration and the inspiration can really do wonders and we can see an emerging Indian Football team. (Maybe it is already planned and being done... we do not know the behind-the-scenes preparations.)

Way to go Indian Football !!!

Next up... I will cover Chess to bring to you what Vishy is doing :-)..

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