Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Vishy.. the old fox

Vishwanathan Anand won the 8th game of the World Chess Championship match to hold Boris Gelfand 4-4. This win comes after a shock loss in the 7th game for Anand.

Anand, who has been off-color for last few years, seemed to be going down that path when he lost the 7th game and all the critics were all over him. However, the old fox returned the compliments in style by shutting out Gelfand in the very nextgame and that too within 17 moves !! This win should boost Anand's confidence and take his tally of titles further..

Way to go Anand!!


Abhishek said...

Hi Sir how r u? Posting after long time.

RN said...

Hi Abhishek, I am good and hope you are doing well too.

Yes, I am reviving my blog after a haitus..

With the olympics coming up and many Indian Athletes qualifying recently and some more will have a shot at qualifying, I thought of sharing the updates and thoughts through the blog posts here.. do participate and share your thoughts too.. See ya !!

Anonymous said...

Anand finally won in the tie-break and won the title for the fifth time !! wow, some record.

Well done Vishy.